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Melikov Aleksey Vladimirovich, Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of energy systems and power plants, Volgograd State Agricultural University (26 Universitetsky avenue, Volgograd, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The phenomenon of constitutionalism takes priority among the appraisal criteria social progress. Constitutionalism is a universal category. There are regional geographic aspects bearing the specifics of the constitutional legal development of a particular country. In that aspect, one can speak of Greek constitutionalism. It arose during the liberation movement of the Greeks against the Ottoman yoke. In the context of building a new form of social relations, it is interesting to trace how a stable legal phenomenon, such as the constitution, was applied in the fate of independent Greece. The mission is to analyze the major stages of the Greece constitutional legal development from the beginning of the 30s. 19th century to this day.
Materials and methods. The implementation of research tasks achieve based on the scanned texts analysis of the original constitutions. The articles of constitutions consolidated changes in the social milieu, reflecting the specific stage of the Greece constitutional legal development. There are covered topic books by O. E. Petrunina, E. G. Krugova about the political development of the Greek state in XVIII–XX, by T. Veremis about the existing ideologies and by L. M. Imbeau about power and uncertainty in the constitutional design of Greece. The methodological potential includes the methods of historical legal analysis, which allowed studying the content of the basic laws of Greece in order to understand the previous changes in the development of Greek society.
Results. The article describes about major stages of the Modern Greek state constitutional legal development. A table of government form, adopted constitutions, approved legislature and historical period has been compiled. It contributes to text splitting of the article into semantic parts that describe the causal relationship of social changes.
Conclusions. A feature of the Greece state history are frequent constitutional disturbances. The rapidly changing forms of social relations, the dependence of state administration on the interests of external forces created the conditions for the formation of new constitutional ideas and principles. Moreover, the processes violations of legal and organizational consolidation of these norms in society made it possible to use the constitution as a flexible instrument of legal regulation. 

Key words

constitution, constitutional law, constitutional legal development, Greece, government form, legislature 

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